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In Charles County, just a breath outside Prince George’s, on the left where Marshall Hall Rd. turns into Berry Hill Rd., Dominion wants a new buildout on its existing property. They’re calling it “Charles Station”. Click here for a map. This would be part of what Dominion is calling its “Eastern Market Access Project”.

Dominion is framing it as being beneficial to DC and Southern Maryland residents, but much of the gas would be going to its fracked gas export terminal under embattled construction in Cove Point. Some would go to the also embattled and still unpermitted Mattawoman Energy plant in Brandywine (more information here), and some to Washington Gas and Light. This would not bring gas to Accokeek except in the sense that it would pass through a noisy compressor station, through pipelines in residential areas and the Piscataway and Mattawoman Creeks and Zekiah Swamp, leave a lot of pollution and risk behind, and head mostly overseas.



Here are some examples of fires and explosions at fracked gas compressor stations:



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